Magic Max

Broadband Internet


MAGIC MAX is a broadband internet service with fiber optic media built using FTTB (Fiber To The Building) technology, directly connecting your business to the internet.

MAGIC Max offers unlimited access and high-speed quota designed to meet the medium-low internet needs in office buildings, making it suitable for your daily business internet requirements.

Our Advantages

Benefit of MAGIC MAX

Supported by 24/7 premium service with priority as the main service for your business.

The dedicated internet infrastructure of MAGNET uses multiple upstreams that can mutually backup each other and is directly connected to the MAGNET data center as well as the heart of the Indonesian internet.

MAGNET is connected with several local exchange networks (IIX, OpenIXP, and Jakarta-IX), making access to local networks in Indonesia faster and more stable.

Online activities like browsing and streaming remain smooth and consistent at an affordable cost.

This Product is recomended for

Get unlimited access and quota for your daily work activities with high speed along with MAGNET