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Beyond Connectivity to Empowering Your Business with MAGNET

MAGNET is a reliable provider of excellent-quality internet services and data communication solutions. Since 2010, MAGNET has developed the services for the B2B and B2C business sectors. MAGNET has solutions for networking, cloud server, and IoT needs that supported by reliable infrastructure based on Wire (Fiber Optic), Wireless Radio (PTP, PTMP, DMR), and Satellite (VSAT GEO, MEO, LEO) systems supported by certified professionals in their fields to provide excellent service. In that way, business actors from various sectors are able to execute business operations optimally and efficiently.


Being a reputable, world-class IT service provider with excellent products and services


Providing excellent service solutions and worldwide standards that are oriented toward customer needs and satisfaction

Company Value

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Simplify Business

We are committed to simplifying and enhancing the efficiency of our partners' business processes. Our focus is on optimizing workflow, reducing redundancy, and simplifying processes through the implementation of technology

Empower Patners

We proactively encourage our partners to grow and develop by offering comprehensive product and service solutions to meet each partner's needs, thereby increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of their business

Respect Fair Play

Integrity and honoring the agreements made with our partners form the basis of all our business activities

Value Clients

Customer satisfaction is our top priority. Therefore, it is our obligation to provide solutions that are precisely tailored to meet customer needs

Excellent Service

Providing top-notch service that is tailored to meet customer needs is our commitment, with the highest level of Service Level Agreement (SLA) that meets international standards

Why should you collaborate with MAGNET?

MAGNET's commitment to always provide the best services for its customers

Secure service supported by advanced technology, providing regular backup services

With the best network infrastructure, MAGNET offers stable, secure, and high-speed internet and data communication services.

MAGNET is committed to providing high reliability and availability, with a Service Level Agreement (SLA) reaching 99%

MAGNET has been trusted by companies across various industries and is always committed to providing maximum service and maintaining your trust

MAGNET is supported by professional and experienced experts who are ready to assist and provide solutions for you

MAGNET offers a comprehensive, high-quality range of products and services to meet your business needs

MAGNET continually innovates in developing products and services, enabling us to provide optimal services in line with changing times

MAGNET offers a range of products and services that can be customized to meet your business needs

MAGNET's services are available in various cities across Indonesia, ranging from Sumatra to Papua

MAGNET's helpdesk support and network operation center are always ready to assist you 24/7, and can be reached via phone, email, or live chat

More than 300 companies
in any type of business and industry
use MAGNET services

Let’s join using the safe, reliable, and trusted MAGNET services